Test Tower

Grandeur and multifunctionalelevator test tower becomes the landmark building ofscience and technology innovation of the company, it is mainly used for comprehensive test of all kinds elevator, which ensures the improving of product quality. The old test tower was built in 2005, total 60 meters high with travel height 40 m. Its four elevator shafts make it possible to research and design new product, components and configuration, which ensure the company independent development ability come to a new stage, and is a witness to the strong development of the company.

Considering long-term development on the market and scientific research strength, the company plans to build a new test tower in 2010. In August, 2012, a new test tower, total 127 meters high, rises straight from the ground, becomingthe new landmark building of the elevatortownship. It combines 7 elevator shafts and can take the inspection and testing of elevator, which is stipulated by the latest elevator test standard. It will mainly be used for R&D and test for high speed elevator.

New testing tower can be installed with 7 elevators and 1 outdoor heavy traffic escalator.

Currently installed: 2000kg 8 m/s high-speed passenger elevator; 2000 kg 4 m/s high-speed passenger elevator; 1600 kg 2.5 m/s panoramic elevator; 1000 kg 2.5 m/s freight elevator; 1000 kg 1.75 m/s passenger elevator and 48 meters high rise escalator.

With the completion of the new test tower, the R&D ability has be strengthened. We will be endeavor in a more efficient, higher quality product.

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