Self-designed 18m height escalator without intermediate support is put into use

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On 1st, October, 2015, two 18m height escalators without intermediate support were put into use, which were first and independently designed and manufactured by SELOON. The horizontal width of these escalators was 40m, which enabled customers to reach the 5th floor directly.

The higher the escalator is, the more difficult of the design and manufacture will be, especially for the truss strength. Although SELOON has design and production experiences in Enshi Grand Canyon project with 24m and 22m escalators, it was the first time for SELOON trying no intermediate support on large height escalator.

Based on previous design and production experience of large height escalator, the SELOON team made reasonable design on truss structure depending on stress condition, improved the material utilization rate and ensure the truss strength at the same time. The research team said that SELOON now has the ability of designing and manufacturing escalators without intermediate support with rising height less than 25m.

SELOON is always making unremitting efforts to break through the self, developing the team with new technologies, innovations, and now becomes one of the essential elevator & escalator manufacturers in China.

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