SELOON get certificate for Highest Energy Efficiency Grade

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SELOON traction passenger elevator (TKJ2000/4.0) is certified with VDI 4707 standard grade A by Special equipment inspection institute of Guangdong province, National quality supervision and inspection center of elevator

VDI 4707 is an elevator energy saving standard which ranks from grade A-G, Grade A is the top level of energy efficiency. SELOON TKJ2000/4.0 Rated load 2000 kg, rated speed 4.0 m/s, and 9606.12 KWH per year is demand. SELOON elevator has successfully ranked the top level of energy saving by passing the certification test.

In recent years, SELOON elevator continue to increase investment in r&d team and research funding, independently designed and manufactured 18 m high rise escalator without middle support officially being put into use, which speeds up the transition to a real creative enterprises.

From "made in China" to "created in China", from "manufacturing industry" to "service-oriented enterprise", from "production assembly" to "independent core components", we united strives for perfection, created many national records, always practice with responsibility for promoting the development of the Chinese elevator brands.

We the elevator by the highest level of energy efficiency industry certification, VDI 4707 standard grade A

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